A Provisional Route

Draguignan lies at the bottom of a geographical bowl. Surrounded by steep hills, any means of accessing the town by bicycle is going to be challenge. Getting from Flayosc to Draguignan along the recommended route is only 10 kilometres, but it involves some steep hills along the way, as well as sections on busy departmental roads. To avoid the worst of these, the route leads you to small back roads that add an extra 3 kilometres to the trip

This signposted route starts at the roundabout marking the end of the completed section at Flayosc. On the opposite side is the local wine cooperative cave. Take the first right on to the busy D557. After around 500 metres, at the crossroads, turn left on to the quieter D57 (signposted le Flayoscquet). Just 200 metres farther on, there is a small track to the right called Chemin des Grandes Pièces. Turn into this little used road.

Turning at Chemin des Grandes Pièces (photo: Google maps)

Steep Hill at Bondil

This section needs to be confirmed by bike.