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If you are setting off from Meyrargues railway station, as you exit the station building, go straight ahead past the car park. This brings you to the busy main road through Meyrargues, the D96. Here you’ll see the first signage marking the EV8, telling you to turn left. Continue along the road for about 200 metres until the first turning on your right. You will see a pair of stone gate posts. Turn to cycle through them and after another 200 metres you cross the small Canal de Peyrolles, which provides irrigation water for local farmers. Turn left to follow the narrow road alongside this waterway until you come to a bridge across the much larger Canal de l’Edf. Turn left on the south side, to follow the Chemin du Canal for 3.5 kilometres.

This brings you to the first jalonnement on the busy D561. There is an advisory cycle lane along most of this stretch. It disappears briefly a couple of hundred metres down the road, but persevere, as it widens farther on. After  1 kilometre, watch out for the sign “Ch. de Mallevielle” on the left, at a junction of two small roads that join on the D651. Turn half left here on to the chemin ahead of you with the 30kph speed limit sign, the chemin de Mallevielle.

Turning at Chemin de Mallevielle (photo: Google maps)


Follow this road until you cross the river Real. Following a short climb, you come to the D61, which you can now follow all the way into the village of Jouques.