Exploring EuroVelo8 in Provence

Eurovelo 8 runs for 4,500 km between Cadiz and Athens

Welcome to our stretch : 120 km from Meyrargues to les Arcs.

Let us show you our local cyclist secrets…

Whatever you do, take your time

We are Beatrix and Richard, writers, film-makers, and photographers. We’ve been living here in la Provence Verte for over 15 years. As everyday cyclists, we are rather chuffed that a European cycle route is being built just 700 metres from our house.  We are reporting from a little village – Pontevès – that is right on the EV8. is here to dig deeper into the area’s culture, history, natural world, politics and cuisine.

Our site is dedicated to slow cycling. Because to cycle slowly through a region means taking your time to learn much much more about the land and its people.

Slow Cycling

Get around in an environmentally friendly way, without breaking into a sweat. Watch our short introductory video here.

Explore Eurovelo 8 like a local....

Cycling for All

Eurovelo routes are built to allow everybody – not just sportspeople – to discover the joys of cycling. For many, cycling means taking in the landscape, having a chat, and taking the time to get to know the area.


EV8 Routes

Eurovelo 8 runs from Cadiz in Spain to Athens in Greece and beyond. Our focus is on a 120 kilometre section here in eastern Provence between 2 railway stations, from Meyrargues to Les Arcs. But here in our area, it is very much a work in progress.


Local Culture

Our base lies between the villages of Barjols and Pontevès, in the heart of the Provence Verte. Our ongoing task is to document the area’s rich history, its special geography, and an evolving local culture.


Getting About

As many cyclists know, local knowledge helps to get you through poor infrastructure, long diversions or busy roads. Getting in and out of nearby villages and shops is made a lot easier if you know the little lanes and tracks used by local cyclists.