CANTEM, a choir of some 50 local people based in Pontevès, but taking in villages from all around, was founded in 2013 following a visit to Monte Grosso in northern Italy. Inspired by the Italians’ love of singing, a small group of villagers decided to have a go themselves.

The Performance at the Chapelle Notre Dame de Bellevue


The CANTEM repertoire is eclectic, ranging from Giuseppi Verdi and Joseph Noyon to traditional Christmas songs like Gloria and Douce Nuit to political songwriters such as George Mustaki. Though interrupted by the covid pandemic, the choir performs in villages around the region, whether in village halls or in inspiring outdoor locations such as the grounds of the Chapelle Notre Dame de Bellevue, high above the village of Tavernes.

Christmas Performance in Pontevès


The choir has also played a major role in a number of performances for the Theatre Under The Stars series. But the highlight of the year is generally regarded as the Chrsitmas performance in the church of Pontevès. Taking place on the last Friday before the Christmas break, it is followed by fireworks and a gathering of the local community in the village square to enjoy a chat and drink warm mulled wine.